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Appeal against a visa, asylum or immigration decision

If you have received a visa, immigration or asylum refusal, you may be able to appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber). The Tribunal is independent of government. A judge will listen to both sides of the argument before making a decision.

You can appeal if the Home Office has decided to:

  • Refuse or revoke your asylum or humanitarian protection claim.
  • Refuse your human rights claim.
  • Refuse you a residence document or deport you under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016.
  • Revoke your British citizenship.
  • Refuse or revoke your status, vary the length or condition of your stay, or deport you under the EU Settlement Scheme.
  • Refuse or revoke your travel permit or family permit under the EU Settlement Scheme or Restrict your rights to enter or leave the UK under those permits.
  • Refuse or revoke your permit, or deport you if you’re a frontier worker.
  • Refuse or revoke your leave, or deport you if you’re an S2 healthcare visitor.

To lodge an appeal, it can cost £80.00 for your case to be considered without a Tribunal hearing or £140.00 if you would like your appeal to be heard in front of an Immigration Judge.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be exempt from paying the Tribunal fee.

Why choose us?

Receiving a negative decision from the Home Office can be a very stressful and worrying time. We can help you with your appeal package by:

  • Reviewing the Basis of Appeal: Identify the grounds on which you believe the decision is incorrect. Common grounds for appeal include errors in fact, legal errors, human rights violations, or changes in your circumstances.
  • Helping you to understand the decision: We will carefully review the decision letter you have received from the Home Office and ensure you understand the reasons for the decision and provide you with an honest opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of your case.
  • Checking your eligibility to appeal: Your eligibility depends on the type of decision made by the Home Office and the circumstances of your case. Unfortunately, not every case can be appealed.
  • Knowing the specific deadlines and lodging your appeal: We will advise you on the time limits for lodging an appeal and ensure you appeal is lodged on time. Missing these deadlines can result in your appeal not being considered.
  • Advising on evidence and documentation: We will give you tailored advice on the relevant evidence and documentation that supports your case and addresses the reasons for refusal. This may include new documents or information that was not available at the time of the initial application.
  • Alternative Options: Explore other potential options, such as reapplying, if your circumstances have changed since the initial application.

Find out how to appeal, without legal representation, at the following links:

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