Sponsor Licence

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Sponsor Licence

A Skilled Worker Sponsorship Licence (SWSL), permits UK based businesses to employ overseas workers. Including workers coming from Europe after the 1st January 2021.

What are the requirements?

The application is made online and has to be submitted by a person with decision making role within the company.

The relevant application fee based on the size of the company is payable at the point of submission. A time of five working days is given to submit the supporting documents to the application.

The process is split into two parts - Eligibility and Suitability


  • Show that the company is a genuine employer with a lawful trading presence in the UK.
  • Four pieces of documents required from a specified list – examples
    • current corporate bank account/statements.
    • Employers Liability Insurance.
    • Registration with HMRC for PAYE.
    • Companies House registration to confirm company is a legal entity.


  • Show that the company has appropriate processes in place to hold a SWSL and to ensure any employees they issue a certificate of sponsorship are compliant.
  • Human resources and recruitment systems in place that are fair and open.
  • The company can offer a genuine vacancy that meets the skill and salary threshold under skilled worker.
  • Key individuals in the company have to be free from unspent criminal convictions.
Sponsor Licence

Key Personnel

Key personnel should be primarily based in the UK.

Additionally, there may be specific restrictions, such as the number of supplementary paid work hours you can undertake, so it is essential to stay informed and compliant with these requirements.

The SWSL licence is managed online through the Sponsor Management System (SMS) by key personnel.

The main roles are:

  • Authorising officer – most important of all the roles and the person has to be a senior figure. Ideally is involved in recruitment or Human Resources.
  • Key contact – main point of contact with the Home Office and assists the Authorising Officer with managing the licence.
  • Level 1 user – responsible for all day-to-day management of the licence through use of the SMS.

What can my organisation do once a Sponsorship Licence is obtained?

  • Sponsor overseas workers.
  • Issue Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).
  • Comply with reporting duties on the SMS system to the Home Office.
  • Keep detailed records of the sponsored workers.

What is my organisation NOT allowed to do once a Sponsorship Licence is obtained?

  • Sponsor more workers than authorised.

Why choose us?

Our highly trained immigration experts have a thorough understanding of the sponsorship licence requirements and application process.

We can help you with your tailored sponsorship licence application by providing you with:

  • An honest opinion on the positives and negatives of your case.
  • Advice on the sponsorship licence requirements specific to your circumstances.
  • A customised evidence checklist.
  • Assistance with preparing and submitting your application form and evidence.
Sponsor Licence